Center for History & Culture Fellow

I was named a Research Fellow for 2024-25 Academic Year by the Center for History and Culture of Southeast Texas and Upper Gulf Coast at Lamar University. My fellowship application focused on my work on Filipino Louisiana foodways. I requested the fellowship to complete the oral history component of the research project.

In the application, I explained that the Filipino Louisiana Foodways Oral History Project will explore the foodways of a community that identifies with both the Philippines and Louisiana. A pool of potential interviewees was gathered via a community survey and narrowed with informal discussions at community events. I expect interviews to reveal

  1. foodways of Filipinos in Louisiana from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century;
  2. Filipino American contributions to the food industry in Louisiana;
  3. impact of indigenous Filipino perspectives on Filipino Louisiana foodways;
  4. adoption of Louisiana flora and fauna in Filipino Louisiana recipes;
  5. impact of Creole, Cajun, and New Orleans Italian foodways on Filipino Louisiana foodways; and
  6. role of Filipino food in Filipino American community organizations.

The “Filipino Louisiana Oral History Project” was one of nine projects awarded a fellowship in what was described by the Center as “our most competitive year.” I am honored to be one of the scholars chosen for the recognition. The funds will help support my research. I look forward to sharing the results of my research with the Center community.