“There was a moment during your presentation where I had to hold back tears because I was overwhelmed with emotion as this was the first time attending something that was solely about Filipino American history. On top of that, it was specifically Fil-Am history in Louisiana.”

Message from an Attendee of a Community Talk on Filipino Louisiana.

Community Historian

The descriptor “community” references my position as a native New Orleanian of Filipino descent working within the community to reveal our history and share it with a broad audience. My mission to share the history and culture of Filipino Louisiana with the public leads to me making my research available through a range of media. Below are some of the ways I share the story of Filipino Louisiana.

Digital Media

I developed Filipino La. (www.filipinola.com) to share the history and culture of Filipinos in Louisiana. Filipino La. includes a website, digital and physical archives, and social media accounts.

Posters and Markers

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“As an immigrant to the States myself, I see much of my own struggles in this narrative and find this exchange profound in its ability to tell the stories of millions of U.S. ‘transplants’ simply by providing a trail of correspondence/documentation.”

Reviewer on “(Un)Documented, a Narrative of M— in Letters to/from US Institutions.”

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